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We’re looking for people who live by our values and are passionate about our mission. We really think that more needs to be done to help people have healthier relationships with technology. There’s an addiction in society impacting all generations and no one is talking about it. We want your help to share our message to a wider audience so that we can help bring about positive change.

All we ask is that you act as an advocate of techtimeout and encourage healthy technology use in your business, network or community.

become a brand ambassador
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what are the benefits to you?

It’s a way of giving something back and making a positive impact on the society that we live in.  

You can make a difference to the mental health and productivity of individuals and businesses. 

  • Influence individuals and businesses for the greater good
  • Become part of our community
  • Enhance your personal brand
  • Receive techtimeout branded merchandise
  • Access our resources and see future developments before anyone else. 

ask yourself these questions...

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are you a brilliant communicator?
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are you able to spread our message to a wider network?
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are you passionate about making a difference?
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do you take time out from tech and champion tech/life balance?

if you answered yes to all of them - we would love to hear from you

ready to find out more?

If you’re someone who is passionate about making a difference, champions tech/life balance and can share our message with a wider network then please get in touch.

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